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Skin type quiz

Try this the next time you have two hours where you don’t need to leave the house: Wash your face with your usual cleanser, pat it dry, and then don’t touch it at all for two full hours—don’t apply any makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen.


At the end of those two hours, check how your skin is feeling.

  • If it’s…tight, flaky, or uncomfortable, you likely have DRY skin

  • If it’s…oily or shiny all over, you likely have OILY skin

  • If it’s…oily in some places, tight in others, you likely have COMBINATION skin

  • If it’s…pretty comfortable and not greasy, you likely have NORMAL skin

  • If it’s…oily, dry, or combo, but covered in acne, you also have ACNE-PRONE skin

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