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Caring for my skin started at an early age with many dermatology visits to tackle my acne prone skin as a teenager and a young adult. It became an instinctive habit of mine to keep my skin healthy, driving me into becoming an esthetician to support others simply by educating them in how to protect and care for their skin.

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My Story

My professional career began at the International Dermal Institute after I graduated, where I gained deeper knowledge for a passion that is now a lifelong journey. While my primary focus started in acne treatments I later expanded to treat other skin concerns such as loss of elasticity, appearance of fine lines, and sun damage all surounding the end goal of anti-aging. With so many skin care lines in the market today I wanted to create one that had a base of peptides technology tackling all the above. 

I am Fabienne Souffrant from Jolant skin and our purpose is to help you look and feel your best with our skin care rituals.

All Jolant products are Paraben Free.

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